Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Josh Levs






Meet Judaline Cassidy, Feminist Plumber and Energy Advocate

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Judaline Cassidy dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But when her family situation made it impossible for her to...

Why Men Should Attend Women’s Networks Events

Last year Deb Ryan, who runs the Denver office of energy consulting firm Sproule, got a request from a young engineer. His girlfriend was...

Fearlessness, curiosity, and staying uncomfortable

Wisdom at HERWorld from leading women in energy tech The HERWorld Energy Forum serves double duty in...

From damage of Trump tariffs to ‘fraud’ of energy independence, leading women assess oil industry

Corporate tax cuts helped some businesses in the energy sector, but President Trump’s trade war with China is causing significant damage. The unpredictability of...

Why the HERWorld Energy Forum should mark the death of ‘manels’

Our powerful, global event last week wasn’t just a unique opportunity to learn about how the energy sector can “shift” into a...

Meet ‘power player’ Alice Jackson

She’s been named “power player of the year” by the Smart Electric Power Alliance, and one of the most powerful women of...

Josh Levs #MeToo Moment as an intern

Josh Levs, keynote speaker at HERWorld18 published his latest column in Time, which journals an experience he had long ago with sexual harassment.