Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Josh Levs






The pandemic’s long-term impact on the energy transition

Since the COVID-19 pandemic halted normal life across the world, images showing the decrease in pollution have gone viral.

Thinking beyond the crisis: the steps to achieving your business goals amid COVID-19

Wesleyne Greer, founder and CEO of Transformed Sales, knows about persevering through difficult times and succeeding. Through her work, she helps clients increase their revenue no matter what challenges they’re facing.

How the COVID-19 crisis shows the energy industry can embrace high tech

If the pace of change in global business wasn’t already at light speed, what’s happened in the last few weeks has made it so. Suddenly, entire industries are trying to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming operations. What does this mean for the energy sector?

We need to focus on energy jobs to get out of the economic hole

With unemployment rolls exploding amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are dire warnings of possible long-term economic effects. The IMF is predicting the...

‘Flipping the Barrel’ Podcast Hosts on Diversity and Inclusion

Massiel Diez and Jamie Elrod are on a mission to change the conversation about the oil and gas industry.

Benji Backer on ‘Giving Conservatives a Voice’ in Environmental Activism

The Washington Post called him “the young conservative trying to make Republicans care about climate change.” The Today show profiled him as “the...

How Rita Hausken’s Battle for her Son Led Her to Become a Leadership Coach

When Rita Hausken’s son was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Hurler Syndrome.

Wood Americas CEO Stephanie Cox to Offer ‘Some of My Most Valuable Career Advice’

Stephanie Cox was named CEO of Wood’s Asset Solutions Americas business in October 2019. She left her role as President of Schlumberger’s North America land...

Robert Bryce to Address ‘Women and the Wealth of Nations’

When author, journalist, and film producer Robert Bryce speaks at the Energy 2.0 Forum in Denver, he plans to discuss why electricity...