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trading risk lng

Trading houses’ risk appetite create more evolved LNG market

The rising influence of four commodity trading houses is shaking up the global LNG market. Within just a few...
Global Energy Conference 2019 KPMG recorded sessions

Relive the best of the 2019 Global Energy Conference

The 17th Annual KPMG Global Energy Conference (GEC) was held June 5th and 6th, 2019, and was an incredible two days of learning and...
power and utilities kpmg beyond the tipping point

Beyond the tipping point: how new power and utilities players are changing the rules

The digitization of our daily lives means that just about everything requires electricity in some form, resulting in evolving relationships between consumers...

US government looks to chip in on EV charging infrastructure

As part of the largest amount of funding ever provided for US highway reauthorization, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019 earmarks capital...

How low-cost US natural gas spurs global LNG oppportunities

The US shale revolution is one of the gas industry’s most remarkable stories. As well productivity and gas-to-oil ratios dramatically increased, the US...
Dr Pratima Rangarajan speaking at the Women in Clean Energy Symposium

How Women are Leading the Way to a Greener Future

Are women greener? Yes, because women are more concerned with climate change. Roughly three-quarters of Americans say they’re concerned...


Nancy Swartout offers advice on diversity and inclusion in energy via Gastech, on Pink Petro

Nancy Swartout says, “Engage with diverse or local suppliers.”

Nancy Swartout is the Global Sustainable Procurement Manager for ExxonMobil and she is one of seven industry leaders sharing advice in Gastech...
Seifi Ghasemi's advice to Gastech for Diversity & Inclusion on Pink Petro

Seifi Ghasemi says “Go after what you REALLY want.”

Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President & CEO of Air Products is one of the seven industry leaders featured in Gastech Insights' Diversity &...
Gastech Diversity & Inclusion in Energy eBook featuring Laurie Dowling by Pink Petro

Laurie Dowling says “Be ready to stretch.”

Gastech 2019, the world’s biggest gathering of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and energy professionals, is offering a Diversity & Inclusion in...
Power - women in power and in the energy industry are necessary to rebuild infrasctructure. Photo credit: Media Planet

The Power of Power: Why We Need Women to Help Rebuild Our Infrastructure

In 2017, a rapid succession of powerful hurricanes battered coastlines from Florida to Texas, the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico. 
Pink Petro & Blue Oceans

Blue Oceans Crush Red Oceans: Why I Formed a Business and Not a Charity

I grew up in Middle Class America during the Reagan Administration.  It was a time when civics and free enterprise were prolifically...

The London Stock Exchange snubs big oil and gas producers

Early this week, the London Stock Exchange decided to call out oil and gas companies. The move by FTSE is a sign of the mounting pressure from investors on fossil fuel companies to decarbonize their businesses.


female STEM major considering energy careers while lying on grass with book

Why STEM Majors Should Look at Energy Careers

Energy Careers are Well-Suited to STEM Majors Many people believe that you can only find energy careers if you...
female engineer in hardhat energy careers

8 Myths Keeping Women Out of Energy Careers Today

It’s Time for Women to Rethink Energy Careers Think energy careers aren’t a good fit for you? Think...
woman leader hosting meeting

Why Energy Companies Struggle Without Women in Leadership

Companies don't have enough women in leadership roles Women in leadership have always been underrepresented across virtually all industries....
Featured Image Credit: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels. careers in energy woman on phone

6 Jobs to Kickstart Your Career in Energy

Careers in Energy Can Take You Places Careers in energy offer opportunity for growth, strong salaries, and can be...
Millennial Revolution on Pink Petro

Embracing the Millennial Revolution in the Workplace

Millennials now constitute the largest workforce and consumer segment in the United States.  More than one in...


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