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It started on a Boeing 787 with a few cocktail napkins.

A daughter to an engineer laid off in the 1980s, Katie Mehnert was acutely aware of the impact the bust in the energy industry had on her family and community. Years later, after struggling in math and science, Katie took a non-technical route and graduated from Louisiana State University with a Communications degree which enabled her to later become a “People Engineer” in health and safety.

Determined to cut into an industry she didn’t then feel qualified for, her desire to learn the business and to connect with experts helped her navigate the leadership lattices at Enron, Duke Energy, Waste Management, Shell, and BP. With every new organization, she noticed a recurring theme: a major contributor to her success was being in the right room at the right time with the right people at her side. Katie had sponsors, male and female, who taught her, pushed her, and positioned her for success.

Katie also learned how fascinating the global energy value chain was and how rewarding a career in it could be!

Her belief is that we can create an inclusive workforce by leveraging everyone and that in order to understand energy and what we do, you need to Experience Energy™.

In 2013, Pink Petro was birthed on three cocktail napkins aboard a Boeing 777 from London to Houston. Those napkins sat in a bag until Katie found them and jokingly socialized the idea with a friend, Cindy Patman, with Halliburton.

Cindy told Katie to "get busy", so she did.

In 8 short weeks, Katie and her international team of believers launched the platform using cloud enterprise social technology from JIVE Software.  The CEO of JIVE, Elisa Steele believed so much in the power of pink, that Silicon Valley partnered up with the field to #MakeItHappen.

On International Women's Day in 2015, Pink Petro launched with industry giants, Shell and Halliburton amidst sinking oil prices to offer a resource to connect industry women and develop. During the Offshore Technology Conference, Mayor of the Energy Capital, Annise Parker to proclaim Pink Petro Day on May 2 2015 where industry celebrated with over 300 executives and professionals.

Pink Petro is a community with the right people, the right resources at the right time, together, to help women in energy succeed in their careers now and into the future.  For companies it's a unique opportunity to help others Experience Energy™.