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Why Pink Petro? Why Now?

Irrespective of the current market conditions, the energy workforce is facing four critical issues that will continue to plague the talent pool:

  • Poor Image and Reputation
  • The Demographic Cliff
  • Pace, accessibility, and cost of training and development programs
  • Lack of gender diversity
Corporate Membership: How We're Different
  • Corporate membership isn't about discounts.  It's about value and no one client is the same. That's why we don't take an industrial approach to diversity.  We don't limit you to the number you can extend to your workforce or supplier/client base.  Corporate membership includes access to our private app, social learning platform, community and some memberships allow private learning engagements and seats on our Global Community Council.
  • Membership has its social privileges.  We reward all of our members on social media.  Our brand  value, influence, and engagement factor is unparalleled garnering more than 200k+ views a month and 500k impressions socially and hundreds of thousands of emails a month.  
Pink Petro enables you to...
  • Enhance your capability to attract and retain women in energy by including men in the conversation: our web traffic is 60% female and 40% male.
  • Tap a very niche market and extend your reach using social technology that meets where everyone one is (regardless of generation): online
  • Build your capacity to develop a diverse supply chain by connecting with 'Petropreneurs™ - women in energy who are building enterprises to service the industry.
  • Develop professional contacts with leading thinkers, advocates and supporters of gender diversity.
  • Gain access to professional development and online communities that will support your efforts (and your employees)  to create diverse and inclusive cultures where all are welcomed and succeed.
  • Collaborate and benchmark with colleagues committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribute to the collective effort of shaping tomorrow's workforce to meet the needs of a global and innovative workplace and supply chain.
  • Grow your organization's brand as a leader in diversity and inclusion in energy.
  • Deliver a clear and compelling ROI to your organization's bottom line.
Our Current Global Members

If you have landed on this page and are with any of the following companies or organizations we invite you to join and claim your community benefits.  


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