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Why Pink Petro? Why Now?

Irrespective of the current market conditions, the energy workforce is facing four critical issues that will continue to plague the talent pool:

  • Poor Image and Reputation
  • The Demographic Cliff
  • Pace, accessibility, and cost of training and development programs
  • Lack of gender diversity
Pink Petro will enable you to...
  • Enhance your capability to attract and retain women in energy by including men in the conversation
  • Tap a very niche market and extend your reach using social technology that meets the next generation where it is: online
  • Build your capacity to develop a diverse supply chain by connecting with 'Petropreneurs™ - women in energy who are building enterprises to service the industry.
  • Develop professional contacts with leading thinkers, advocates and supporters of gender diversity.
  • Gain access to professional development and online communities that will support your efforts (and your employees)  to create diverse and inclusive cultures where all are welcomed and succeed.
  • Network, collaborate, and benchmark with colleagues committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribute to the collective effort of shaping tomorrow's workforce to meet the needs of a global and innovative workplace and supply chain.
  • Grow your organization's brand as a leader in diversity and inclusion in energy.
  • Deliver a clear and compelling ROI to your organization's bottom line.
For women's affinity networks, Pink Petro is...
  • A benefit to connecting your members to industry-backed development options 
  • A way to enhance your brand, reach and ability to grow your own membership through our platform and social media presence.
  • A way to connect your members to people, content, and learning on an ongoing basis and a way for you to share your networks value proposition to prospects.
For line and HR professionals, Pink Petro is ...
  • A global community to share ideas and knowledge
  • A resource to develop personal employee performance, expertise, and competency
  • A community of people and companies in the industry globally
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