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Energy Insights

3 reasons the Permian basin needs 1 more crude pipeline

The US is in the midst of a massive crude pipeline and infrastructure buildout. As shale oil output quickly overwhelmed Permian basin...
Energy Institute High School

Why climate change is hard to accept

Last week, Chris Tomlinson wrote a piece in the Houston Chronicle about climate change. His argument is fair. The Energy...

From managing risk to building resilience

The increasing number of natural disasters is causing irreversible societal damage to communities, and creating extremely high costs for utilities companies. Industry...

Do you have the right stuff?

Energy executive program now accepting applications The WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council) is excited to announce it...

Rex Tillerson, Former Secretary of State to keynote Global Energy Conference

When it comes to big names in the energy biz, few are bigger than Rex W. Tillerson. For 10 years, the Wichita...

Have the moon and stars aligned?

Whether or not the moon and stars were in alignment was the question on the table at the Houston Energy Breakfast Friday,...


Pink Petro & Blue Oceans

Blue Oceans Crush Red Oceans: Why I Formed a Business and Not a Charity

I grew up in Middle Class America during the Reagan Administration.  It was a time when civics and free enterprise were prolifically...

The London Stock Exchange snubs big oil and gas producers

Early this week, the London Stock Exchange decided to call out oil and gas companies. The move by FTSE is a sign of the mounting pressure from investors on fossil fuel companies to decarbonize their businesses.

Why ‘one and done’ doesn’t cut it

This month Civil rights attorney Cyrus Mehri unlocks a new view on gender diversity that may have the answer to the next...

A return to work is now easier

It was 2014 when I took my paper napkin scribble idea to Halliburton and Shell. They were "in". Despite the crash...

Why We Need a Few (More) Good Men in Energy

We believe there are more than a few good men in energy and when we meet one, like Hugh Connett, we love to tell the world about it.


building big relationships

The Art of Big Relationships

Last month, thanks to my generous organization, Wood Mackenzie, I returned to the UK to continue my leadership development with Future –...

‘Get intentional’ about the team you want to create

On 20 June, PinkPetro had the privilege to host two thought leaders in leadership and digital transformation: Khaliah Guillory and Jim...

Rock your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Cheat Sheet

One of the questions we get asked here at Pink Petro is, ’how do I build my personal brand?’. We gathered...

Back to work

After 15 long months of no work and no income, I finally got the message that I’d almost given up all hope...

How to Rock Your Workplace Equality Program

The pressure is on for organizations of all sizes to pay attention to workplace equality. Women and minorities, including LGBTQIA+ employees and...


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