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Pink Petro and the Energy Transition

Pink Petro and our role in the energy transition

Change is hard. A few years ago Wall Street made a statement with this photo. They told...
black and silver solar panels

How Solar is Shaking Up Energy Industry Hiring Practices

Energy industry hiring practices need a makeover It’s no secret that energy industry hiring practices could use a makeover....
multicolored umbrellas floating

If You Don’t Have a D&I Program, Here’s What You’re Missing

Your company needs a D&I program Whether you’re an employee, manager, or exec, the presence of an effective D&I...
cannabis plant in pink lighting

How Cannabis is Fueling Growth in the Energy Industry

There’s a new player contributing to growth in the energy industry. There’s steady growth in the energy industry. Last...

Energy leaders roll up their sleeves to talk workforce

“When we talk about women in energy, our ideas get bigger and better. How much better could it be if we got...
Climate Week NYC briefs on Pink Petro

Big business make pledges for the environment

Skyscrapers, traffic jams, Broadway plays, and the bright lights of displays in Times Square are the scene for New York City. ...


Pipeline Safety Week Event on Pink Petro

Coach’s Corner at Enbridge with Vice President Brianne Metzger-Doran

Brianne Metzer-Doran is Enbridge's Vice President of Safety and Reliability. She's an executive with a passion for leading change programs to...
Valentina Kretschmar of Wood Mackenzie discusses how women and diversity influence the energy transition.

Can women speed up the energy transition?

Valentina Kretschmar, Wood Mackenzie Director of Corporate Research, asks whether the lack of diversity in oil and gas companies’ boardrooms is holding...
Bernard Looney, Gen X, to become CEO of BP in 2020

GenX Bernard Looney to become BP CEO in 2020

On Friday, BP reported that CEO Bob Dudley is stepping down next year. Dudley who has spent 40 years with BP,...
Climate briefs US and Europe on Pink Petro

Climate briefs: The view from the U.S. and Europe

Climate change is coming to the forefront of public discussion all around the world. Climate-related issues have been driving policy formation in...
workforce diversity- diverse group of people holding chat bubbles

5 Key Takeaways from the Solar Workforce Diversity Report

Solar is tops for workforce diversity, but still has work to do. We recently reported that renewables, especially solar...
Kathleen Marie Eisbrenner, The Patron Saint of LNG on Pink Petro

Kathleen Eisbrenner to receive honorary GRIT Award

“I like taking hardships and turning them into opportunities,” Kathleen Eisbrenner stated boldly when she accepted the Junior Achievement (JA) Hall of...


businesswoman with laptop and arrows for returnship program blog

3 reasons your energy company needs a returnship program

If your organization doesn’t have a returnship program, it’s missing out. While “returnship” is a trademarked term, and has been since 2008...
multicolor silhouettes of business people

What “Returning to Work” Looks Like

Are you considering returning to work after a leave of absence or thinking about taking leave, but have worries about what you’ll...
CSI Stars discuss personalized holiday gifts to recognize your team and build culture, on Pink Petro

A gift by any other name is not the same

Clever holiday gift ideas Think of the best gift you’ve ever received. What made it special? Chances are it...
Having it all at work with less by Pink Petro

How to Have it All at Work with Less

A couple of weeks back, I talked about the secret to having it all; how we, as women, can have it all...
happy employees who have it all jumping for joy on a moonlit beach at sunset

How to Help Your Employees “Have it All”

Last week, Katie Mehnert wrote a piece called, “The Secret to Having it All.” It’s worth circling back to if you missed...


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